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Little About Us

Zack FM is based in the middle of the Forest Heath Area of Suffolk, within our TSA we cover three RAF bases with a large percentage of American Listeners which is ideal for local Businesses to enter into that marketplace. We broadcast on 105.3 FM to Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire and surrounding area's Zack FM is also available to stream live on line and via Tunein Radio App and now DAB Digital Radio.

 Our slogan 'We Play Everything' means we get to play a massive selection of the best music from every generation and genre. Our daily playlist consists of classic hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's, the noughties, the 2010's and the freshest new music from the UK and the USA.

From 8pm weekday nights we bring you our specialist shows including Country Monday and then we dig down into the Zack Retro Juke box.

Tuesday night we focus on the local area with a look at local events, Live guests and a look at what is happening in our region, and at 11pm we bring you movie weekly.
Monday nights we have the regions Number one Rock Show, showcasing the biggest songs from the world of Rock music. From 11pm we have the biggest sporting events from the USA and local sports news as they happen.

On Friday we have Mark Davis with The Friday Night Takeover Wayne with the weekend warm - up from 10pm and then from midnight we bring you Greg Mack.  

Saturday we entertain you with local events as you wake up, then we bring you a big package of craziness right throughout your Saturday, which no other radio station would dare to do! Saturday nights sees Dance Anthems, then we move over to the USA with The Open House Party, which IS The BIGGEST party on your radio with lots of celebrity guests! 

Sundays are Solid Gold with over 21 hours of the greatest hits of all time, all the classic hits you remember, and some that may have forgotten! Including Chris - T/ Ian Lawrence / Tony James/ Emporer Rosko and Flip With Sunday Night Live.

Our Presenters are here to entertain you day and night! Zack FM has Presenters on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


In between the great songs our Presenters will make you laugh, make you think and keep you up to date with everything you need to get through your day and night! Zack FM Presenters are all fun based personality Presenters who have the freedom to entertain you, our listeners and are not restricted to playing the same songs everyday. Check out our Presenters in the Zack FM On Air Team.



Advertise - Why Radio?





 Radio targets audiences efficiently because different stations attract different listeners. This allows advertisers to talk selectively to the groups they are most interested in. Added to this is radio's local structure, which means that brands can focus their activity very effectively onto key market areas.


 Most radio listeners are engaged in another activity, and this means that advertisers can reach listeners at key 'touchpoints' - when they are on the school run, surfing the internet, before going out on Friday nights, and so on. And now that radio can be heard on mobiles, on the internet etc, these touchpoints are becoming even more widespread. Research shows that advertising which is relevant to a listener's other activity is over 60% more likely to be recalled.


 Research shows that radio, together with cinema, has the lowest level of advertising avoidance - people rarely switch stations, and are available to listen to any message that is relevant, creative, intriguing etc. This is a great opportunity for advertising who want to reach out to new customers, or to tell existing customers something they didn't know.


 Radio's way of multiplying the effect of other media is a feature of multi-media research studies. Radio's multiplier effect seems to originate in the fact that it is an audio-only medium, and therefore stimulates a different part of the brain.


 In the same that radio stations create chart music success, they create a sense of ubiquity for a brand. This is for two main reasons - firstly, because radio ads are on frequently and secondly because listeners tend to spend so long listening (on average 14 hours per week). An advertiser which is big in radio can create a disproportionately large share of mind for itself for low entry level.


 Radio has always been a strong 'call-to-action' medium, and this is even more true in a world where consumers access brands via the internet. Recent radio and internet joint research revealed that at any given time a fifth of internet surfers are listening to radio - so they are a click away from interacting with a brand.


 Listeners use radio for emotional reasons - to keep their spirits up, to stop themselves from feeling bored in a car or isolated while doing daily chores. This leads to them seeing radio as a kind of friend, and this is a valuable context for an advertiser to appear in. It is even more powerful when advertising extends through into branded content - sponsorships & promotions. When a radio station presenter talks about 'our friends at Company X', the listener is hearing about a friend of a friend - this has a strong effect on bringing a brand closer.

 Call our sales department today and find out just how cost effective advertising on Zack FM really is.  (01638) 711-177 or E-Mail



     Mark Fox 
 Saturday 10 am Sunday 3pm

 Good morning my neighbours 

well, its been a while since my last update, but, in my defence, not as long as it looks if you go by the actual posts as during the years my dear fiend 'Webby' has insisted on taking the website on holidays for 'some down time' and inevitably quite a lot of the rowdier links never make it back into the country 
or somat.... 
Anywayz I'm sure you're busy so I won't ramble on 
There's no point just writing nothing in particular just so it looks like a more comprehensive update 
Thatwould be not only pointless but silly and immature 
I prefer to get straight to the point and say what I came here to say 
In and out! 
Quick, easy and painless and leaving you all to get back to whatever you were doing before you came here to do this! 
After all, I truly value your time and appreciate that you must have a thousand other things that you need to do like answer all those fuckin Candy Crush invites and finally getting round to deleting that MySpace account 
So, with that in mind and not to waste a single more second I have some news for you that you might be interested in. It's Mark Fox related you see and as this is I thought it might appeal to this unique demographic ( I've lost even me now...and ironically, I was talkin about ME at the time!) 
So...what was it.... 
Oh yeah! 

New show 
Every Saturday 
Available In and around the Newmarket and Maidenhall  area and irrespective of whether or not you're on a horse or not, 
Zack FM 
also available online. On Tunein App. And, if Webby gets his finger out, quite possibly from a player we'll stick up his ar......up on the site! 
I do hope you'll tune in and have a listen 

Like Mayor Quimby said: 
"Vote for me 
Cause I'd vote for you!" 
Saturday at ten, then! 

N.B. Thanks to Dean Of Suurogate in Clam for his tweet ' @Markfoxry ' 
Just to let you know, Dean, Yes! Its nearly all cleared up now and the authorities have decided not to bring any charges as the Duck almost fully recovered 

Arsecheese x


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